About the project

The implementation of the “Rhythm of Nature” project stems from the willingness to learn about the working methods of teachers and choreographers from other European countries and the problems they encounter in their pedagogical and creative work. The project is an opportunity for a creative discussion on the selection of methods and techniques used to work with dancers. During the project, we develop new methods that will be a result of conducted dance laboratories, discussions and observations together with partners.
We involve people with fewer opportunities in the project. We want to create an opportunity for everyone to take part, regardless of the status or economic situation. The idea of creating this project is to take care of environmental diversity also by engaging people of different sexes and age. We want our project to raise important issues related to environmental pollution and the topic of waste segregation. We believe that dance is a suitable form and tool to educate audiences on environmental issues, as well as to sensitize them to climate aspects. On the other hand, we believe that the nature that surrounds us and its rhythms will positively influence the dancers’ expression, movement and well-being.
The project aims to highlight these topics and encourage action at local, national and international level. Educational techniques and methodology developed by people involved in the project will be an appropriate tool to create an unusual and original form of communication, addressing such important topics as environmental protection and waste segregation. Project meetings and workshops will also allow us to get to know better the culture of partner countries through common work in an international group of educators and experts.

During the project, three international workshops took place:
“The Rhythm of Rain”- October 2022, Vienna
“The Rhythm of Objects”- April 2023, Warsaw
“The Rhythm of Air”- May 2023, Sevilla

After each workshops there will be a script created containing description of exercises and conclusions. It will be free and available for everyone interested in broadening knowledge about working methods with dancers (and not only).

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