Artistic Association Po: ruszeni was founded in 2021 by Paweł Michno.

The main goal of the association is to support culture in Poland and artists of the young generation, both amateurs and professionals.

We create conditions for the artistic development of educators and trainers in various fields of art. The association initiates projects aimed at the development of culture, cultural exchange and conducting educational, cultural and educational activities, especially in the field of art and dance. We aim our activities The aim of the Association is also cooperation with other institutions and organizations conducting activities of a similar nature, both in the country and abroad. The aim of the Association’s activities is to organize and participate in local, regional, national and international cultural events, as well as to undertake and support initiatives aimed at the development of artistic interests and talents. The association organizes activities aimed at promoting cultural exchange in the form of stationary and international workshops, conferences, lectures and shows.

The areas in which the Association is active include the creation of specific artistic projects:

a. All kinds of events related to the promotion, dissemination and presentation of culture and art, including exhibitions, shows, theatrical performances and concerts of young artists.
b. Organizing and conducting creative competitions to enable the dissemination of artistic projects in the country and abroad;
c. Organization of trips abroad for artists and people related to culture in order to popularize their activities, as well as to exchange and gain experience;
d. One-off and cyclical publishing activities (printing, audiovisual, internet), documenting, promoting and disseminating creative activities